Do I need health insurance if I have a Companion Health membership?2020-06-01T13:56:14+00:00

A Companion Health membership does not replace health insurance. We advise all members to maintain a separate health insurance plan of their choosing. Please also note that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) includes a requirement that all U.S. citizens purchase health insurance. A Companion Health membership does not meet this requirement.

Why doesn’t Companion Health accept insurance?2020-06-01T13:55:23+00:00

​We believe we can deliver a higher quality of care by entering a relationship directly with you versus with your insurance company. The current volume-based insurance model supports standardized sick, quick care versus individualized well care. We deep learn each of our clients by focusing on your unique health goals, genes, lifestyle, and diet. No two people are the same, and we don’t think your healthcare should be either. We offer longer, more frequent doctor visits, advanced diagnostic testing, health coaching, and more convenient care options. Whereas you still need health insurance for things like catastrophic illness, specialty care, and prescription medications, Companion Health is a direct health care practice and does not accept insurance.

Is Companion Health covered by insurance?2020-06-02T14:22:29+00:00

We do not accept any form of insurance. Companion Health is classified as a primary care practice. Our care may be covered by your insurance provider as out-of-network care, and it may be possible to pay or reimburse expenses with your HSA/FSA funds. Check with your plan administrator to understand the rules of your specific health benefit plans and to avoid any unexpected taxes. We will help provide you with the information you need to submit.

What is included with the basic primary care program?2020-06-01T13:56:53+00:00

All of our adult primary care programs include an annual hour-long wellness exam, one set of basic labs, EKG, and Pap if needed, unlimited same or next day sick visits (office or online), in-office testing such as flu or strep, minor in-office surgical procedures such as suture removal and laceration repair, flu shot, direct access to your care team, unlimited messaging, convenient medication refills, form completion, and prior authorizations and referrals to specialists when needed.

How much does a Companion Health membership cost?2022-03-01T18:20:52+00:00

Since no two people are exactly alike, we offer a wide range of primary care functional medicine programs to help you achieve optimal health. Our initial assessment costs $675. During that 90 minute visit, our providers will conduct a physical exam, listen to your health history, and work with you to figure out which plan best meets your health needs, including the associated costs. If you would like additional information regarding pricing, please reach out to us by phone at 704.360.5018 or email [email protected]. We reserve the right to change our product’s prices at any time without further notice.

What is a health coach?2020-10-07T12:58:39+00:00

At Companion Health, our health coaches are trained in over 100 different dietary theories, so they can help you figure out which foods work best for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all diet because all our bodies are different. Our health coaches work with you one-on-one to determine which foods best support your body’s unique needs. And although the food on our plate is definitely important to achieving optimal health, there are other things in our lives that nourish us, including our relationships, career, spirituality, and physical activity. The role of a health coach is complementary to your doctor’s role in helping you live your best life by working with you on the things that nourish you both on and off the plate.

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