Health coach Anne Mann’s nutrition education started with personal happenings: She first experienced her own food-related issues, which sparked her interest in tracking (and eventually solving!) a dairy intolerance. The correlation she noticed between what she ate and how she felt laid the foundation for the belief and understanding of how powerful our food can be.

Navigating through allergies, injuries and additional health situations in her family, her interest in health has only grown. These personal experiences are coupled with her health coach training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, combining personal and professional knowledge. Anne’s project manager background, along with her love of healthy eating and movement, provide the framework for supporting her clients on their individual paths to wellness.

Anne stays active through yoga, Pilates, tennis, and walking. In addition to active pursuits, she also loves reading, traveling, puzzles, and cooking. When her schedule allows, you will find her at the Matthews Farmers Market on Saturday mornings—her happy place! She loves finding new delicious ways to prepare healthy foods for her friends and family.