Elizabeth Kraft Jones

Elizabeth has been passionate about exercise, nutrition and personal growth since her twenties when she worked in New York City as a health editor at a national magazine. A 500-hour certified yoga teacher, she believes everything she does on the yoga mat enriches her life off the mat! Elizabeth attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become an integrative health coach so she could help people look at various aspects of their lifestyle to improve the everyday quality and overall longevity of their life. Inspired by her son who manages bipolar, and her mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s, Elizabeth has grown especially interested in the importance of supporting brain health.

Elizabeth is a trained volunteer in the Guardian Ad Litem program, working with children in the foster care system by advocating for their best interests in court. She and her husband have two rescue cats, and two grown children who they love to spend time with every chance they get. While an introvert who loves to curl up with a book, her kids tease her for striking up a conversation with anyone she meets! An avid enjoyer of the arts since she pursued her B.A. in Art History at Connecticut College, Elizabeth loves to travel to discover the art, architecture and food from cultures other than her own.