Jacob Smith - Companion Health

Jacob demonstrated a keen interest in technology from a very young age, which laid the foundation for his future. During his high school years, he enrolled in computer-based courses at the Chester Career Center, further expanding his knowledge in the field. As a proactive student, Jacob frequently assisted teachers and classmates in resolving technical issues with various devices, showcasing his natural aptitude for problem-solving. Jacob assisted his career center class in building a new computer lab for an up-and-coming class for one of his projects, an endeavor that furthered enhanced his abilities and know-how.

Jacob’s genuine passion for assisting others and promoting technological advancements drives his professional pursuits. While pursuing his A.S. degree in Science at York Technical College, Jacob took on the challenging role of IT Administrator at the Chester County Sheriff’s Office, an experience that allowed him to hone his skills in diverse technologies and troubleshooting methodologies.

Currently, Jacob is working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Winthrop University while assisting the Companion Health team as IT Manager. In his leisure time, he engages in activities such as coding, fitness, and socializing with friends and family. Jacob also embraces adventure through traveling, hiking, and experiencing new culinary delights.