Rosy Crumpton

Rosy Crumpton is a firm believer that we have the power to achieve our best health. Through a supportive partnership and explorative conversations, she helps her clients set and achieve goals they most want in life to help lead a happy, healthy, and more balanced lifestyle.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and 16+ years of professional experience in behavioral healthcare, Rosy is knowledgeable on what it takes to create behavioral change. She was trained at Duke Health and Well-Being (previously known as Duke Integrative Medicine) where she received her Integrative Health Coaching course and Certification on a whole person care health approach. She feels passionate about helping people who could benefit from a little structure and guidance on envisioning and carrying out their goals.

When Rosy is not health coaching, she is a professional writer and speaker who loves to read, cook, meditate, and advocate for her community. She lives in Matthews, North Carolina where she spends time with her husband, Brandon, and their cat babies Amy and Arya.