Our Functional Medicine Offerings include:

Hormone Replacement Therapy – Advanced testing of hormone levels and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and management for males and females.

Health Coaching – An integral part of our care team, our health coaches are agents of accountability and behavior modification.

IV Hydration – Personalized IV therapy based on our comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ medical history

Peptide Therapy – Charlotte, NC’s only fully certified peptide therapy provider, which assist with muscle function, hair loss, sex drive, weight loss, immunity and more.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing – Cancer testing, saliva hormone testing, gut (stool) testing, mold testing, food sensitivity and more.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine employs a systems-oriented approach to identify and understand the root causes of disease.

This discipline takes into account the personalization of healthcare, treating each client as distinct and unique. This guiding philosophy shapes all our member programs.

It is not a “quick fix”, here’s-another-pill-to-take approach, although medicines are sometimes necessary. This is one of the beauties of our practice—we’ve got the medical training and credentials to prescribe if needed, but the mindset of helping your body heal itself. To do this, we’ll address your lifestyle, medical history, genetics and more.

Our goal is to decipher how to return you to optimal health. We will guide you along the way, and ultimately help take you even further.

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