What is IV hydration?

So you may be asking yourself—what exactly is IV hydration?

IV hydration is the delivery of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream. By bypassing the gastrointestinal system, these nutrients and such are absorbed much quicker and provide efficient & effective results.

You see, in an ideal world, our diets would provide us with the optimal amount of nutrients we need to survive AND thrive. But unfortunately modern living and agricultural practices make it harder than you’d think. Even with our best efforts, chronic stress, environmental pollutants, and nutrient-depleted foods make it nearly impossible for us to get the number of vitamins and minerals we really need. Until now!

While in the past IV hydration was more used retroactively, the game has changed and there are a number of cocktails that can be administered proactively. If you’ve ever battled brain fog, inflammation, are concerned about aging or are looking to boost your immune system, read on.

Who is IV hydration therapy best suited for?

Since we have a few different cocktails to choose from, it’s best to inquire with Anya Wallace, PA-C, who is our IV hydration expert. It’s important to note that we are only offering this service to our clients, so you must be under our medical care to start a treatment.

Some tests require blood work prior to starting.

IV Hydration Therapy

What type of cocktails do we offer?

Chances are good that you’ve heard of this one, often in conjunction with the word “hangover.” But our primary goal in offering our clients Myers Cocktails is to optimize their health. Myers is a solid combination of vitamins that can enhance the immune system, reduce fatigue and inflammation, treat migraines and myalgias, autoimmune disease, promote healing, and so much more.

If you’re looking for an immune-booster, this one’s for you. We personalize high-level Vitamin C dosing because everyone’s needs are different.

This powerful master antioxidant is detoxifying and ideal for those battling autoimmune or inflammatory conditions.

Need a “brain reboot”? Or looking to detoxify? Boost your metabolism, decrease pain and inflammation with this golden cocktail. As one of the few places offering NAD locally, we also personalize the drip and dosing to ensure optimal benefits are received. Though this cocktail is not as common of some of the other ones, it definitely is a powerhouse and a practice favorite.

Though this cocktail is ideal for anyone, it’s especially beneficial for those wanting to promote muscle growth, increase athletic performance, and recover from endurance exercise. It’s also helpful for those with GI issues, like Crohn’s, colitis, and even leaky gut.

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How do we approach IV therapy differently?

  • Personalized IV therapy based on our comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ medical history (which is documented by an MD).

  • No walk-in off the shelf formulas—each is specifically formulated for each individual.

  • Relaxing environment with only one client in a room at a time.

  • Regular check-ins during treatment by our medical team to ensure optimal tolerance.

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