A graduate of the University of Akron’s nursing program, Oksana Radik has had the opportunity to work in a wide array of hospital settings. Over the past 15 years, she’s had experience in the US and Canada in the areas of floor nursing, trauma ICU, and the recovery room. Oksana’s enthusiasm for nutrition and preventive medicine sparked her cravings for something more out of her nursing career, which led her down a transformative journey to functional medicine. This was fueled by her own commitment to a healthy active lifestyle; she is now on a mission to share her passion for root cause medicine. 

Oksana is the mom of three busy kiddos and feels like an Uber (kid’s) driver most evenings as she carts them back and forth to lessons, practices and games. She enjoys training for long-distance races, and has a few half marathons under her belt with the hopes of running the full marathon this fall. Oksana loves photography and in former years had her own business as a family photographer in Canada. She also enjoys whipping up tasty meals for her family and trying out new recipes.