Project Description

Adam’s Success Story

When Adam came to Companion Health, he was suffering from physical pain from injuries two years prior—a knee injury and a herniated disc—resulting in lingering pain and stiffness from his hips to his feet. Frustrated by a barrage of medical appointments with no successful treatment for his pain, and unable to exercise to reduce stress, he was up to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. In addition to just feeling like himself, another one of his health goals was to improve his diet, which consisted of fast food at lunchtime during his busy day supervising construction projects in Charlotte. He hoped that the holistic approach of functional medicine at Companion Health would help him on a path to overall improved health.

After his initial evaluation with Anya Wallace, PA-C, Adam was referred to Rogan Sports Clinic for chiropractic care and movement rehabilitation. Anya prescribed him a multivitamin, probiotic, and an omega supplement for general wellness, gut health, and nutritional balance, as well as cardiovascular support. Adam’s health coach supported him in creating a meal plan that would allow him to shop, prep and cook his meals on the weekends, including a lunch he could bring everyday to work to help him stay away from fast food. This was the beginning of many mindshifts and habit changes!

Within the first few two months at Companion Health, Adam was making a smoothie before work, packing lunch every day, and had given up all sodas and energy drinks. He had made enough progress improving his pain and mobility in physical therapy to be referred to Performance Unlimited, where trainers guided him in a structured exercise program to help him get his strength back without further injury. Going to the gym was an important step for Adam. His chronic pain had been keeping him from the martial arts activities he used to enjoy in the evenings. Where he had found himself turning to cigarettes and alcohol to unwind after work, he was now trying to quit his pack-a-day smoking habit. With this in mind, he started going to the gym multiple times a week which contributed to an overall lower stress level. He was able to cut down to about 5 cigarettes a day.

While making great progress, as life has it sometimes, Adam hit a bump in the road (quite literally), with a slip on the ice on a job site. Though Adam experienced a setback in his progress, he recovered quickly this time by returning to chiropractic care/physical therapy right away and a week later heading back to the gym.

Now approaching the end of his first year of committing to making health changes, Adam has learned exercise and breathwork are much more effective ways for him to manage his stress than nicotine. He is down from a pack of cigarettes to one a day, often going days without any! He is more mindful of what he eats and notices how food can make a difference in how he feels overall. He is cooking at home more, and not only eating more vegetables, but admits to now craving them!

What is next for Adam? Increasing the number of days between cigarettes until the habit is a thing of the past. And getting back into martial arts again!

With a more positive outlook overall, Adam has learned that the road to optimal health is like so many other things in life: not linear, and requires his steady commitment and patience.