Project Description

Adina’s Success Story

Most of us have been there … you put yourself last because the kids need you, your spouse needs you, your parents need you, your friends need you, your boss needs you. Perhaps it was all of the above.

When Adina first started working with us, she was spread especially thin. As the mother of 2 young children (one with special needs) and the wife of a hard-working/traveling spouse, she’s also a friend to everyone as well as an avid volunteer. This left little time or energy to spend taking care of herself. She was doing her best just to get through the day, and her cup was empty both literally and figuratively. As she began her health journey with us, the only thing she felt she could feasibly “add” to her already taxing day was to drink more water. We agreed that drinking more water was a great place to start! Like so many of us, Adina was initially worried she’d have to give up her favorite things, like pizza and french fries, to reclaim her health. She didn’t have the energy to resist her comfort foods or exercise regularly. But drinking more water … that she could do!

And from there, her transformation has been nothing short of incredible. Adina will tell you that her journey these last several months hasn’t been a straight path of constant improvement. Life is not like that. It zigs and zags. Curveballs and setbacks happen. But … by setting goals, committing to making her health a priority, and working in collaboration with her Companion Health doctor and health coach, Adina has a new outlook on what it means to live a healthy life.

Adina will tell you that:

  • She feels good in her body now. Yes, her clothes fit better, but it’s not just about the number on her scale. It’s about energy, confidence, and balance.
  • For the first time, Adina doesn’t feel “restricted” by what she can eat. Although she tries to avoid gluten and minimize dairy in her diet, she’s found many other foods she loves and no longer feels like she’s missing out on things like pizza. In fact, she is now so in tune with how different foods make her feel that she naturally gravitates towards the ones that make her feel good while avoiding ones that don’t. It’s no longer a battle.
  • Walking outside has been a game changer for Adina. Because of her busy schedule, she is able to fit walks into the nooks and crannies of her day. Whereas she used to try to keep up with all her friends by meeting for lunch or coffee, she now asks them to join her outside for walks, a real win-win: exercise, friendship, and sunshine. What better stress management practice is there than that?!

Adina is not the only one benefiting from her hard work. By taking better care of herself, she’s creating an even more powerful positive ripple effect in the world around her. All of us here at Companion Health smile big when Adina walks through our doors.

Cheers to you, Adina. Your spirit is strong and your heart is big. You are one-of-a-kind, and we love being part of your team.