Project Description

Alan’s Success Story

When Alan joined Companion Health in the Fall 2020, he knew quite a bit about exercise and nutrition. In fact, he’s an accomplished trainer who runs a successful gym (check out Just Fit).

While Alan is extremely fit, he was concerned about his stress levels, sleep patterns, and how they were impacting his athletic performance and overall health. Alan was waking up at 3:30a (you read that correctly!) to workout before seeing clients, napping from 2p – 4p, and then seeing clients again in the evening. Dr. Jorge ran a very insightful salivary lab (ZRT) on Alan that measures hormones such as cortisol throughout the day. An ideal cortisol lab would show a peak in the morning and a gentle decline until bedtime. However, Alan’s lab was not an ideal curve, and it was this data that was a wake-up for him.

Seeing how his irregular sleep habits and stress were taking a toll on his health, Alan decided to change his schedule. Now, he wakes up around 5a, works out mid-morning, sees clients all afternoon, and returns home by 6p to enjoy his evening, eat a nutritious dinner, and head to bed.

Working with his health coach, Alan also made changes to his diet including adding in more healthy fats to fuel his busy lifestyle, drinking more water (still a work in progress!), and meditating. The results speak for themselves: Alan’s workouts are more explosive, his recovery time has improved, and his joint pain has diminished.

To sum it up, Alan is “amazed” at his increased energy and recently remarked, “I am winning at life!”

You are winning at life, Alan, and we applaud your success!