Project Description

Published March 1, 2023

Alex C.‘s Success Story

Everyone’s health can improve.

Yes, read that again:

Everyone’s health can be improved.

Regardless of age, we all have opportunities to move forward, no matter how healthy we think we are, or how healthy of a lifestyle we think we have.

Such was the case for our member of the month, Alex C.

Alex came to us with a solid understanding of movement, eating and sleep. Things that one may think constitutes “healthy”. But he wanted to do better; he knew he could do better.

His journey with us has been one of tremendous growth. It started with a new job—and while a new job may not scream “health” to you, there are big life changes, like job changes, that impact stress … which impacts sleep, which impacts relationships, which all impact health. In working with his health coach, he ultimately found a different and better direction with his career and is on a different and much better related path. The end result? A massively positive change to his health with a strong domino effect.

Opening his mind to job change was the catalyst to change in other areas, including financial awareness, spirituality, mindfulness, and habits that needed letting go of. These areas are what we call “primary foods” – the real “important stuff” in health. In fact, you may be surprised to hear that while the food on your plate is so often considered the most important factor in health, this is not always true!

Yes, Alex’s food stuff got a little fine tuning, more in the areas of awareness and tweaking, and seeking optimal health. His lab results indicated that he might benefit from cutting back on red meat, which he did; he also worked on adding more variety of vegetables.

With one of Alex’s goals being that of getting stronger and having better muscle recovery, Dr. Jorge guided him on a personalized peptide program and tested his hormones to support him in this area, too.

“This year has been a big year of change,” Alex reports. “I’ve built better habits in areas I’ve known that needed to be addressed, and we’ve uncovered some big blind spots.”

“We’ve put a really good plan in place to make life better without boiling the ocean,” he concludes.

Alex’s friends report the same changes, with one of his buddies exclaiming that he’s “an entirely different person.”

He’s killing it in work, journaling daily, has made new connections in the spiritual arena, and has a stronger relationship in his marriage. And he feels good. Sounds like a whole lot of success in our books!