Project Description

Published April 1, 2023

Alex & Zeb’s Success Story

While we love working with individuals, having spouses join together is an entirely different and rewarding experience. Each’s journey will be unique, but having that similar mindset, focus and support is a winning combination. Such was the case for Zeb and Alex Moser, who joined Companion Health this past summer.

At the time, both of the husband/wife duo were recovering from Covid, and Alex was in the midst of a job change. Thus, stress was high, and they realized that their health needed focus. Each came in with their unique set of goals, and each were paired with their own individual health coach to provide support that was led by Dr. Jorge.

Alex’s goals included:

  • optimizing her gut health
  • reducing inflammation
  • finding a root cause for her joint pain

Alex came in ambitiously ready to learn, and ready for change, winning attributes that we see from many clients who later have great success. She soaked up all of the information she was given and began incorporating changes immediately. These changes reaped results from the get go, and months later she is seeing the compounding effect of introducing and sticking to her new habits. 

At the suggestion of her health coach and supported by a food sensitivity test, keeping a food journal helped Alex connect the dots on foods that were not only not serving her, but which were contributing to her joint pain, too. Making adjustments in her diet offered her many benefits: her inflammation is at bay, her gut health is optimized, and she feels healthier and happier than ever before. She even lost over ten pounds as a result of the changes she made!

Zeb’s goals included:

  • better understanding his health risks
  • optimizing his health
  • increasing longevity

A situation familiar to many, Zeb’s work life was demanding. He was drinking 4-6 cups of coffee daily and occasionally supplementing for added focus in his quest for maximum productivity. Was this the best course of action, given his health goals?

Tracking his sleep was a pivotal moment in the whole process. A Whoop group (with member participants) provided related data and Zeb realized that his recovery was much lower than expected. With this information, it was clear that his current routine was not serving his health, and he acknowledged the fact that there was work to be done. Dr. Jorge and Zeb’s health coach supported him in altering this and implementing more whole food-based lunches, slashing coffee intake and focusing on supplementation. He transitioned from fifteen minutes of functional exercise to running four miles and adding weight training six days per week. Fast forward, and his sleep improved dramatically.  Zeb said it best, “I realize now that I was masking the effects of poor sleep (and alcohol-disrupted sleep) with caffeine.” 

In his work life, Zeb shifted his focus from hyperproductivity to setting boundaries and practicing groundedness. He has found a balance building in time for better self-care and more family-focused time, without sacrificing his career goals.

Both Alex and Zeb have had their own unique paths at Companion Health. Throughout this time, this couple supported each other in their efforts to unlearn old patterns and establish new, healthier habits. We look forward to supporting them as they further optimize their health in years to come!