Project Description

Published August 1, 2023

Anne O.’s Success Story

Tired of digestive issues impacting her day-to-day activities, our latest member of the month can confidently say it doesn’t have to be this way.

Anne was frustrated, fed up, and wanted answers—not just a Band-aid solution—to her frequent and life-altering symptoms. These feelings gave her the drive and openness to Dr. Jorge’s direction in identifying and addressing the cause, which he first addressed with a gut test. Why? This is a data-driven way to truly understand what was going on in her gut. 

While imbalances in her microbiome were found in the stool test, something still wasn’t making sense. Dr. Jorge further investigated and an additional test (a Diatherix fungal stool test) was performed which showed two strains of candida. These were less common strains which can trigger inflammation and are typically difficult to treat with traditional methods. Dr. Jorge created an individualized protocol including an antifungal, specific probiotics, and suggested dietary changes to help eradicate the candida strains.

Initially, the findings were overwhelming—but this is where the support of her health coach came in. Together, they found plenty of substitutes and swaps that allowed her to feel satiated while keeping tummy troubles at bay.

Anne’s journey continued with improvements, but when they weren’t exactly where she or Dr. Jorge wanted them to be, he did some further investigation with a mycotoxin (mold) test. This was another piece of the puzzle that dictated additional protocols that have left her feeling so much better.

Anne was every part of her success journey as her provider and health coach were. 

A personal goal of getting more zen (combined with testing that indicated high cortisol) encouraged her to start a serious meditation journey; the Calm app has been a successful support system for her in this area. Her health coach helped her identify other areas she has achieved tremendous growth in as well, including setting boundaries, delegating, and being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Yoga, building in regular breaks, and self-care are now the norm for Anne. 

Running outside has been a longtime  favored exercise and stress management tool for Anne. But sometimes individuals have to give up running (and other high-impact/intensity exercises) and let the body heal before returning to these workouts. Such was the case for Anne who had to hang up her sneakers initially; as she started feeling better she took to the treadmill to have easy access to the facilities. Fast forward to now, symptoms have subsided, and she’s back running outside again, a huge win in her book. 

Anne describes her experience with Companion Health as “phenomenal” and “life changing.”  We describe Anne as having a positive attitude, determination, and open-mindness  all which have all contributed to her healing.