Project Description

Bailey’s Success Story

Bailey joined Companion Health with the goal of optimizing his health, decreasing his joint pain, improving his sleep, and generally feeling better overall. One of the labs Dr. Jorge ran showed an imbalance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fats which is a common cause of inflammation. Armed with this knowledge and goals in sight, Bailey set out on his health journey.

You may have heard the saying that “healthy begins with cooking at home”—and while we are believers in this + many other aspects (including stress, hydration, sleep and more), this was a catalyst for change for Bailey and his family. An initial goal of cooking two times per week was soon surpassed as his family reaped the benefits, including cost savings, bonding time, and of course those health benefits.

Completing ProLon (the 5 day fast) twice, and our own 3 day fast (Fresh Reset) once, he was able to bring attention to how quickly he was eating. Doing these fasts have helped him slow down to savor meals, and it’s also helped him get a grip on the afternoon grazing.

When lab tests indicated that Bailey’s cortisol was spiking midday, his health coach helped him to focus on meditation and breathwork. He now uses that to reset in the afternoons. A lawyer by trade, these exercises have also proved helpful prior to going into court.

To sum things up, Bailey really has achieved all of his goals and more. He’s lost weight and has no more joint pain. But the biggest takeaway is in his shift of lifestyle. When he strays from his nutrition plan, he’s able to enjoy the food and get right back on track. He can navigate stressful times and come back to that new foundation with success. It’s a realization that this is a lifestyle, and he’s got the know-how to do it. Healthfully.