Project Description

Brian’s Success Story

After turning 50 years old in 2020, Brian wanted to restore some of the energy and vitality he’d felt in his younger years. Due to his work schedule, he was eating most meals from restaurants, not sleeping well, his stress and anxiety were high, and his exercise was sporadic. To top it off, he reported that he had only taken one vacation in the past 10 years.

Over the next several months, Brian built a wealth of knowledge regarding his health – reviewing his labs with Dr. Jorge, reading The Longevity Diet, and consistently attending his bi-weekly sessions with his health coach (even while on vacation!). In addition, he re-examined his work processes and refined them after reading The 12 Week Year, Essentialism, and Atomic Habits. However, it was a change in his mindset that propelled him to put all of that knowledge into practice. Brian embraced the idea that “the greatest indicator of your future is your daily actions.”

Over the last 3 months, Brian has made a tremendous commitment to himself and progress towards his health goals. Though mostly a social drinker, he stopped drinking entirely, completed two (of three) ProLon fasts, started exercising more consistently (Peloton Century Club – 100 Cycling Workouts), and even signed up for a plant-based cooking class. A car guy, Brian knows he needs to put “93 octane” fuel in his body. As a result, his clothes fit better, his sleep is more restful, and he seems to be smiling more regularly. In addition, he and his wife have been able to enjoy weekends away from their business (car lovers – check out and are planning an anniversary trip later this month.

Brian has always been someone to hold himself to a high standard and who puts his heart and soul into his family, faith and work.  Now, he can add health to that list. Brian plans on taking this momentum forward and will continue to optimize all aspects of his well-being. As he says, “My better self is on the other side of my struggles.”