Project Description

Published July 1, 2022

Hope’s Success Story

Hope came to Companion Health last year seeking different solutions for her chronic Crohn’s disease. Having battled this inflammatory bowel disease for over 10 years, Hope was ready for a change in how she approached the treatment. A busy mom of three, she was also curious about how to sustainably incorporate a healthier lifestyle.. Self aware and introspective, Hope intrinsically knew that these two things were not mutually exclusive and that she would benefit from a new, holistic approach.

Hope’s effervescent personality and all-in approach served her well as she began her journey with Companion Health. She went gluten and dairy free in record time. No small feat for anyone, let alone a busy mom of three kids under the age of 6. After receiving her Cyrex results (which illustrated scientifically backed food sensitivities), Hope integrated even more bespoke changes to her diet, and has steadily maintained her new way of eating.

Each of our clients progress in their own time. Coming in ready to make changes, Hope started off strong, and was encouraged by her health coach that the changes she was making were going to be her new “normal”. As we like to explain – we add in layers, but always maintain the ones added. Hope did just this, which allowed her body to heal. An added bonus: it has kept her Crohn’s symptoms from returning.

She feels that her overall inflammation has greatly improved, her energy levels are higher and more balanced, and she’s appreciated the added benefit of healthier hair, skin and nails as a result of her lifestyle. And she’s also lost weight!

Though food has been a significant focus, mindfulness was an equally as-important focus (and area of success!) for Hope. Letting go of aspects that did not serve her, setting and maintaining boundaries, and adding in breathwork have left her feeling more confident and less stressed. She has learned what it means to truly listen to her body and to live in sync with its rhythms.

An added bonus from working with Companion Health this year has been the trickle down effect on the rest of her family from her work and success. Her husband and three kids have not only benefited from a happier, healthier wife and mom, but their collective health has also improved as a result of the changes she has made to their household.

If it’s not clear already that Hope is a true goal setter (and getter!), we must share that next on her list is adding strength training, working on weight loss and of course maintaining her layers that she’s already added. We think you’ll agree that her prior success has us believing that she’ll be knocking these out with flying colors!