Project Description

Ida and Steve’s Success Story

When husband-and-wife team Ida and Steve joined Companion Health, they were looking to improve the overall quality of their lives, including keeping up with their grandkids. Over the past 8 months, it has been remarkable to watch their transformation. Not only have they both discovered how enjoyable eating nutritious foods can be, but their overall health has also improved dramatically. By primarily consuming an anti-inflammatory diet (lots of veggies and low-sugar), both Ida and Steve have increased their energy levels, improved the quality of their sleep, and reduced their aches and pains. Plus, they are thrilled that their clothes now fit them better.

By gradually making some lifestyle changes, they’ve been able to avoid taking additional medications:

  • Ida loves to cook and has experimented with all kinds of new foods— salmon, lentil-based pastas, and a medley of different veggies.
  • Ida and Steve exercise daily, often taking morning walks together and have invested in a home gym.
  • They’ve made water their primary beverage of choice.
  • They bought an Instant Pot and have been putting it to good use.
  • They read food labels now.
  • This past November, they made it through their first ProLon fasting mimicking diet successfully!
  • On top of all that, they’ve decluttered their lives both figuratively and literally, which has enabled them to spend more time doing the things they love.

Ida and Steve, you should be proud of all of the positive changes that you’ve made; we certainly are!