Project Description

Published October 4, 2022

Jack’s Success Story

Sometimes it takes a little nudge from someone other than a loved one for sustainable change to take place. Though we all have the best intentions, working with a trusted third party can be a catalyst to success. Such was the case for Jack V., whose wife is a part of the Companion Health team. Good intentions and positive reinforcement from the whole CH team proved transformative!

Jack joined Companion Health in early 2022 with an initial focus on better managing his stress and losing weight. Fast forward 8 months and he’s achieved that and so much more.

Both a high school and college football player, Jack had often focused on nutrition – but only in the context of cutting calories to lose weight. After a CrossFit coach told him that chickpeas were bad for weight loss, he swore them off for good. But change IS possible, and it happened! Working with his health coach helped him erase some of those misconceptions, and he moved to focusing on whole foods while removing gluten and dairy from his diet. An improved diet combined with individualized supplementation under the guidance of Dr. Jorge allowed Jack to feel sustained energy all day and to lose any digestive woes he had been experiencing. The icing on the cake—he lost more than 25 lbs and is able to fit into a suit that had been too tight previously!

Also a result of his years as an athlete was significant pain with exercise and overall joint discomfort. To self-manage, he was taking over-the-counter pain medicine daily which led to an ulcer …. Working with Dr. Jorge, Jack reduced his inflammatory burden and his pain dramatically decreased–without the use of Advil. He now works out regularly and has built up both his strength and stamina.

Mindfulness was another area of success for Jack. He and his wife even went so far as to create a relaxation room (kid-free zone!) to support this healthy habit. Plus, he’s taken Meatless Mondays to another level making it “Mindful Mondays” with an extended meditation practice. All of these improvements positively impacted his sleep schedule by adding a restful 1-1.5 additional hours of sleep daily.

Jack’s commitment to his health is second only to his family. Letting go of his old work hard/play hard mentality and being more in the moment has not only benefited him, but his loved ones as well. They are his biggest cheerleaders and supporters of his success!