Project Description

Jackie’s Success Story

When Jackie first reached out to Companion Health last spring, she was experiencing chronic fatigue, joint pain, and digestive issues. She also wanted to lose a few pounds in a healthy way.

As a mom of three (ages 12 and under) and a full-time graduate student embarking on her second career as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), Jackie was eager to get to the root cause of her symptoms. She didn’t have time to be tired anymore, and it was stressful to feel so bad all the time.

Fast forward to February 2021. Sound the trumpets, cue up the confetti, and meet the new Jackie D!

Chronic fatigue – (almost) gone!
Joint pain – gone!
Digestive issues – gone!
Extra pounds – gone!

Jackie is extremely curious, communicative, and hard-working, attributes that have helped her heal her body dramatically over a relatively short period of time.

What changes has Jackie made that have helped?

  • She shifted to a gluten- and dairy-free diet.
  • She overhauled her pantry, fridge, and freezer. Bye-bye processed, packaged food. Hello real food!
  • She enlisted the buy-in of her husband to support her family’s new shopping habits.
  • She increased her consumption of fruits, vegetables, and filtered water.
  • She completed a round of ProLon and is tackling another this month!
  • She moves her body regularly, including riding her Peloton and doing strength training.

Jackie, we honor you this month.  Cheers to your continued success!  We are so proud of you.