Project Description

James’ Success Story

17 year-old James (with the help of his mom) sought out Companion Health with the goals of improving his sleep, optimizing his productivity while maintaining his appetite, and improving his overall performance. Already armed with the knowledge that his body did not react well to gluten and dairy, these were not present in James’ diet when he joined. He yearned to learn additional ways that he could improve his health even further

Playing video games, FaceTiming friends, and even exercising used to be pastimes of James into the later hours of the evening. Once he understood the impact that those habits can have on your sleep, James set clear, actionable goals for himself: to not use his phone after 10 PM and to not workout after 8 PM. Fast forward, and he now spends his evenings reading books rather than using his phone and finds that his sleep is better than ever. Getting good sleep leaves him feeling refreshed and energized to workout at other times during the day.

James has felt overwhelmed by his school work and struggled to maintain his appetite throughout the school year in the past, another area that he knew needed attention Dr. Jorge and Anya collaborated to find the right balance of supplements, ADHD medication, and behavioral changes so that James’ appetite was not affected. James made sure to prioritize healthy nutrition habits, so he could focus and achieve his goals. Another win!

“It’s great to see a young man embrace healthy habits and implement changes that are going to serve him for the rest of his life,” said Dr. Jorge. When James sets goals for himself, he puts in the work to achieve them. Goals such as taking his supplements daily, spending more time with his friends, prioritizing his sleep routine, and managing his growing workload at school all while balancing being a teenager has shown this young man that there’s nothing that he can’t achieve if he sets his mind to it.

James sums his success up with this quote–which we have to say, is pretty spot on! 😉

“Everyone must choose between results and excuses. However, excuses are just like butts. Everyone has one and they all stink.”