Project Description

Johanna’s Success Story

“It takes a village to raise a healthy individual,” says Johanna, our newest member of the month. But it took Johanna’s desire to change to start the process.

Johanna had a significant trauma in her life prior to coming to Companion Health that was affecting her sleep, prohibiting her from working, and lowering her overall quality of life. Once she decided to face the trauma head on, she took necessary steps (with the support of her health coach and doctor) and made significant changes in her life. Her efforts have been so profound that she’s back at work. But getting back to work was just one of the many things she’s accomplished.

One of Johanna’s goals was to minimize her risk for diabetes. With this goal in mind, she has cut gluten and dairy from her diet, and continues to eliminate sugar. She’s increased her awareness and knowledge of healthy eating and in the process has improved her entire family’s eating; the icing on the cake is that she’s lost inches and pounds as well.

A busy mom of four, prioritizing her mental health and self care were areas that needed work. Fast forward to now, and she allows breaks throughout the day to take walks or nap; she also takes time for meditation and devotions as well as deep breathing exercises. An avid hiker, she is working to make movement and exercise a part of her permanent routine.

A caretaker at heart, Johanna always puts others before herself. She is constantly taking in stray animals, helping out family members and tending to her children’s needs. The work that she has done since joining Companion has filled Johanna’s cup up so that she can continue to pour into the lives of others.

“Working with Johanna has been a privilege,” says Dr. Jorge. “Her drive to better herself has not only improved her personal health, but improved the relationships and health of her family. Keep it up Johanna!”