Project Description

Josh’s Success Story

After taking a 5-year hiatus from doctors appointments, Josh was ready to get things moving in a better direction. To clarify, we say “better,” because Josh was already in a pretty good starting place. He was cooking most of his family’s meals, which consist of lean protein and organic vegetables. He was working out almost every day, and as a sport performance coach, he was living the life that he coaches others on. But all of us can use some fine tuning at times, and Josh fell right into step with this.

Josh’s cholesterol levels were high, something that needed to be addressed, no doubt. In addition, he was feeling fatigued and wasn’t recovering as quickly as desired post workouts. With a 50th birthday on the horizon, he wanted to head into this milestone birthday feeling good. And so, he began focusing on lifestyle changes—limiting his alcohol consumption to 1-2 times per week instead of more frequent casual drinking. He added in cholesterol-lowering foods, reduced his red meat intake, and also altered his workouts. He took an already formed foundation and built upon it with minor yet impactful adjustments.

Fast forward just 5 months, and he’s lost 35 pounds—in fact, he’s on track to hit his college weight before his big birthday. He’s lowered his LDL (cholesterol) 45 points—an outstanding achievement. By lowering inflammation in his body, Josh is adding years to his life—and not just years, but better quality ones, His workouts are stronger, his recovery is better, and he’s ready to take on that big birthday HEAD ON.

Congratulations, Josh, on your hard work. We are proud of your success and look forward to watching you continue!