Project Description

Published January 1, 2023

Katie P.’s Success Story

Because our bodies operate as a system, when one part is “off”, it can affect the whole body in different ways.

For Katie P., mindset relating to nutrition was the root. Attached to this was acid reflux, joint pain, skin issues, and to top it all off, migraines. Add in undiagnosed food sensitivities which could lead one to feel that “that’s just the way things are for me.” Such was not the case for Katie, who joined Companion Health last summer ready for change, knowing that things could be better. Not only has she not looked back once, but she’s remedied the issues she sought out help for and made additional positive changes along the way.

While acid reflux was a guest at essentially every one of Katie’s meals in the past, Anya Wallace, PA-C addressed this with a layered approach including starting with a food sensitivity test to determine which foods were problematic. Adding to this data, she created an individualized digestive supplement program while Katie’s health coach educated and supported her digestive hygiene. Eager to feel better, Katie kept an open-mind and incorporated all of the suggestions. She even added her own as part of her mindfulness journey by taking several cleansing breaths before eating as part of her gratitude practice. To further solidify her success, Katie now meal preps on a regular basis to make sure she has plenty of nourishing food at home. Armed with the confidence and knowledge thus far, she can successfully navigate menus when she’s out with friends or away for the weekend with her family.

In the area of mindfulness, breathwork was another layer to be added to our member of the month’s successes. A high school flutist and singer, Katie recalled these tactics and used them to reconnect with her breath. A new healthy habit included establishing a consistent practice in the mornings, at work (especially between meetings), and in the evenings during her prayer and reflection time. Setting and maintaining boundaries was another tool Katie developed to help manage her stress, work and family.

Tying back to the migraines that were mentioned above, along with the interconnectedness:

Through her changes in nutrition, lifestyle and supplements, Katie’s migraines are now a thing of the past. It’s “so exciting to be on the other side of migraines!” says Katie. “I never knew life without them!” And the icing on the cake? Her skin issues and joint pain have also been greatly reduced, and her clothes are fitting more comfortably. Her husband has even commented on her glowing skin(!)

Ready to keep the success going, next up on her list is to incorporate intentional exercise including a Pilates program in the new year. Going outside for walks will be part of this as well as her family adds a second puppy to the mix.