Project Description

Mike’s Success Story

Mike came to Companion Health in mid-June feeling frustrated, tired of trying fad diets, and ready to make changes. Over the past few months, he’s made adaptations to all aspects of his lifestyle including his nutrition, sleep, and stress management. He also completed his first ever round of ProLon, resulting in more energy and vitality to enjoy life. And he’s lost 22 pounds over the last 5 months, an added bonus!

He’s really taken the changes to heart – he started planning out meals and even went shopping on day one of a work trip to make sure that he was set up for success for 5 days of hotel living. His meals are now balanced with plenty of vegetables and whole foods. Overall, Mike is more thoughtful of the choices he makes. Not only do his numbers show it, but his overall feelings of wellness have improved, too.

Way to go, Mike!