Project Description

Mike’s Success Story

This month’s member-of-the month, Mike M. has “rocked it” since he began working with our Companion Health team last spring.

Mike is a delight to work with—he is motivated, coachable, and curious.

Not only has Mike lost a significant amount of weight, but he’s also lowered his blood pressure. He feels better overall and has been able to decrease the amount of medicine he takes.

How did Mike do it?

  • Mike significantly decreased the amount of sugar and increased the amount of vegetables in his diet.
  • He is a 3-time ProLon graduate, which speaks volumes about his commitment to improving his overall health. (ProLon is a challenging 5-day fasting mimicking program. And to conquer it 3 times in such short order is impressive, to say the least.)
  • Mike maintains a balanced, varied exercise schedule. He bikes, skis, plays golf, and does regular stretching & strength training. He even successfully completed a rigorous sailing course this past summer.
  • He works on getting restorative sleep and has set up his bedroom for success, including keeping it cool, dark, and comfortable…paying close attention to his mattress and bedding selections.

Congratulations Mike! We are inspired by your “can do” attitude and desire to constantly take your health up another notch.