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Sarah and Ana’s Success Story

In honor of Mother’s Day, we are delighted to highlight a mother-daughter duo—both who had success in their own ways.

Ana’s passionate personality was evident upon our first meeting her. Her drive and self-motivation, characteristics that had led to much success in her family business easily translated to personal success once she dialed in on her new focus—her health!

First up on her list of goals: clearing up her psoriasis, which had plagued her for 10 years. Nutritional adjustments, to include a strong focus on whole foods and lots of veggies, were coupled with structured meal times that helped her to fast for 12 hours each night. Visible benefits of these changes fueled her desire for further results, and she completed ProLon, a 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet.

Within just a few weeks of making these changes, she saw visible improvements in her skin. Fine-tuning her nutrition even more, she began limiting animal protein intake and even swapped out her nightcap for a cup of herbal tea. And she brought movement (in the form of weightlifting and walking) back into her weekly routine.

Her clearer skin was just the tip of the iceberg. She began sleeping better, woke without joint pain, and now maintains consistent energy throughout the day minus the crashes she used to experience.

In addition to her physical needs, Ana has taken the time to address various stressors in her life. She learned about the connection between stress, blood sugar, and metabolism. While not one to sit and meditate, she does focus on her breath during her walks, which is calming for her.

Ana’s successes were noted by her 31 year-old daughter Sarah, who was inspired to embark on her own journey.

Sarah’s initial goal in seeking support from Companion Health was weight loss, but as is often the case, the number on the scale didn’t end up being the complete desire for Sarah, and in fact, her achievements go much deeper.

Prior weight loss tactics included inconsistent dieting and feelings of deprivation. Wanting a different approach, she was ecstatic to learn that there was, in fact, another way. She began utilizing a holistic approach to eating, and her energy level increased. Small changes turned into healthier habits.

Sarah also made the personal decision to have her breast implants removed, the first step of many in transformation of her body image. In addition, this procedure helped with inflammation and brain fog.

Her mindset shifted from one of scarcity to that of abundance, and this new perspective began to trickle down into other areas of her life. She now appreciates, loves and respects her body and has a newfound confidence and glow about her. She has learned the invaluable lesson of listening to her body, and has returned to movement she truly enjoys.

Ana and her daughter Sarah have each found their unique health rhythms, both so different, yet tied together through their Companion Health experience. They continue to inspire one another and to hold each other accountable.

We are honored to support this mother-daughter duo as they continue down the path of success!