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Published April 1, 2024

Troy H.’s Success Story

“Here’s a guy: he’s going to Companion Health for prevention, not for treating a specific condition,” explains Troy, our latest success story, about himself. “I’m not that guy that has fibromyalgia, lupus, or another autoimmune disease. For me, it’s an investment in me–and it’s worth that investment–to be here as long as the Lord allows and utilizes my God-given abilities. It’s more about the prevention.”

No stranger to the health & wellness field, Troy is a chiropractor by trade, who no longer practices. In fact, he hasn’t practiced in years. 

Flash back: At the young age of 37, he began having all types of issues with his hands–joint pain, trigger finger, you name it. Ironic, he explains, as chiro means “hands.” And here he was, struggling with pain in that specific body part. Troy took this as a sign.

Meanwhile, Troy’s family was in the nutritional supplement industry, developing and manufacturing nutraceuticals. His father, a pharmacist by profession, was building the business with Troy’s older brother, a veterinarian. Troy’s chiropractic knowledge was the perfect piece of the puzzle; which interestingly, included working on additional human supplements to improve the very ailment that had been troubling Troy— joint pain and inflammation. And so, Troy and his wife took a leap of faith and joined their family business in 2007, and then in 2015, moved to the South Charlotte/South Carolina area to join the family business that expanded to South Carolina. 

Combining those two areas (chiropractic training plus nutraceuticals knowledge) had armed Troy with a solid know-how in the field of wellness. And so, he knew he wanted a captain of his ship with a destination of keeping him as healthy as possible. 

He was introduced to Companion Health and was intrigued by Dr. Jorge’s training. “I was impressed by his degree of education and really liked his bedside manner,” recalls Troy. “It’s a 50-minute trip for me every time I see him, but it’s well worth it with the value and progress that I see.”

As far as goals, as mentioned above, Troy was taking a proactive approach as opposed to the reactive. That said, he had battled high cholesterol for a long time which was fueled by a genetic predisposition. 

“I believe that your body is a temple, and I want to take care of mine,” says Troy. “I knew that Dr. Jorge would look at things differently and take a multi-modal approach to treatment. I wanted to ensure that I was on track, health-wise, and I also wanted to focus on preventative care in the areas I was most susceptible.”

Health-coaching was a helpful addition in this area, and Troy’s health coach spent time with him focusing on tools in the areas of mindful eating and food knowledge. Together, his health coach and Dr. Jorge helped determine the best personalized exercise program for Troy, and Dr. Jorge spearheaded individualized supplements for the client. 

Specialized diagnostic testing provided solid baseline information for his care team to work with to ensure that Troy’s health stays both in check, and also improves. And on that note of improving–Troy recalls his successes as such:

  • Lost 20 lbs.
  • Incorporated intermittent fasting 
  • Going after more plant-based foods
  • Learning about better choices in nutrition, what those are, and how to make them
  • Improving inflammatory markers

“I’m not perfect,” he says. “But I notice myself making better choices all the time. An example is if my wife is out … instead of the ol’ frozen pizza, I’ll choose a cauliflower-based pizza, or even an entirely different choice that was presented to me.”

These small changes add up to those big successes. 

It’s taking the first step. Obtaining knowledge. Having accountability. Troy has done all of this and more. He’s having success, and will continue to reap the benefits of his investments in himself.