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Published November 1, 2023

Adam F.’s Success Story

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” – Hippocrates

Adam F., our latest member of the month, joined our practice in September 2022 ready to do the work.

A home inspector by trade, he had been in the business for over 15 years when he started his own inspection company. The entrepreneurial role left little room for boundaries, and soon Adam found himself working at all hours, not managing stress well, and (likely as a result of these two things) not sleeping well. To top this all off, his job left him subject to tremendous exposure to mold which, as he was to learn, presented in his body as mold toxicity.

To add to the list, Adam was experiencing grief, anxiety, fatigue, panic, had recently had shingles and was not exercising regularly.

Enough was enough.

He was ready to be heard, ready to have someone put the pieces together and to help him derive a plan to heal.

Enter Companion Health and Adam’s care team, comprised of Dr. Jorge, Adam’s own health coach, and other team members working behind the scenes.

With Adam’s list of ailments, it was imperative to gather solid data to understand what was going on. Thus, Dr. Jorge began with a mold test, a ZRT (hormone test) as well as a gut test to begin putting the pieces together. Simultaneously, Adam’s health coach began working with him on his lifestyle.

Fast forward to now, and we think you’ll agree that his list of accomplishments is nothing short of impressive:

  • Instead of working at all hours, Adam now sets healthy boundaries with his business by logging off of his computer at least an hour before bed instead of working right up until bed.
  • His morning routine includes 5-10 minutes of body weight exercises and stretching.
  • The consistency of bedtime and a solid sleep routine has helped eliminate his afternoon crash.
  • Adam exercises daily. Running has become a huge source of enjoyment for him, and he has completed a few 5K’s, even finishing in the top of his age group. He’s not stopping there; Adam is still signing up for more races! He also strength trains and additionally either practices yoga or Pilates. This has not only helped him to lose weight, but also has been a huge help in managing his stress.
  • Instead of reaching for processed foods, he now chooses whole foods and has his hydration dialed in.
  • After learning about the potentially toxic environments in which he was working, Adam now wears personal safety equipment to limit his exposure to mold while he is on the job. The high levels of mold internally were also detoxed with an individualized program derived by Dr. Jorge.
  • Adam has lost around 35-40 pounds.
  • With a new focus on himself, Adam makes sure to put things in his calendar that he knows will bring himself and his family joy (fishing, camping, vacations, mini getaways, etc.).
  • Adam practices mindfulness daily, including breathwork, and journaling (Adam tracks every aspect of his health journey in a journal including nutrition, exercise, stress levels, joy levels and sleep tracking.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Adam’s commitment to his health. “Adam has been 100% focused on his journey since the get go,” says his health coach. “He wanted to feel better and he knew he had to take this seriously.”

As mentioned above, healing is not a short journey, nor is it linear. He has without a doubt hit some bumps in the road–as we all do. He’s also not done doing the work. Futuristically, he is looking to do a longer distance race (10k), to continue to lose weight, and to further determine which foods cause him digestive distress, through the use of his journaling.

With the mindset, new lifestyle and tools he’s been using, we have no doubt that he will continue to succeed.