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Published December 1, 2023

Alyse B.’s Success Story

Alyse joined our practice 3.5 years ago and is living proof that changing one’s health doesn’t happen immediately. In fact, every personal health journey is uniquely paced because health doesn’t happen overnight or exclusively in the doctor’s office. It happens every day, minute by minute, as we live our lives.

Health change requires vulnerability, a commitment to keep showing up to do the work, and a willingness to move out of your comfort zone. The personal growth that Alyse has experienced over the last several years is truly remarkable.

When asked to reflect on Alyse’s health journey, Dr. Jorge shared, “Alyse’s growth over the last 3.5 years and drive to improve her health is truly inspiring and is one of the drivers for what we do at Companion Health. We love seeing our clients strive for optimal health and Alyse is a living example to model.”

Some of Alyse’s most notable accomplishments include (but are not limited to!):

  • Learning to be gentler with herself, starting with the mantra, “I do enough. I have enough. I am enough.”
  • Discovering a nutrition plan that works best for her, one that is less rigid than others she had tried in the past but still provides enough structure to help her incorporate more nutrient-dense foods into her diet.
  • Incorporating more physical activity into her day with simple steps such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator in her apartment building.
  • Joining a gym–and routinely showing up.
  • Approaching her own health and wellness more optimistically. What a win!

Alyse shared some of her journey with us as well:

1. What have you learned about yourself the last 3 ½ years?

I’ve learned that no matter how old I am or how many poor decisions I’ve made in the past, progress is possible at any age, and that I’m worth investing in.

2. What has surprised you along the way?

I’ve been surprised by how much physical fight I have in me. I’ve always been someone who worked hard at my mental and emotional health but had become complacent in thinking that I wasn’t capable of improving my physical health.

3. What have been your biggest obstacles? How have those changed over time?

I have been my own biggest obstacle. I tend to be very positive and optimistic about everyone else, but very pessimistic and doubtful about myself. In comparing myself to others I would always think “I can’t possibly do that” or “I will never get there”. Over time, I have realized that what works for someone else doesn’t have to be what works for me. As small changes started to result in progress, and those small changes led to bigger changes and more progress, it became very clear that I had been in my own way and that I needed to spend some of my positive and encouraging energy on myself.

4. What do you think other people should know about their power to positively influence their own health?

No matter how big or small what you are trying to improve is, working on yourself is hard work– but it’s worth it if you can commit to yourself 100%. You name an excuse, or perceived hurdle, and I’m certain I have said it in the past. I tried every “quick fix” available and started (and stopped) every fitness regimen available, always saying I was committed 100%, but never following through. It wasn’t until I committed to making small changes, and saw progress from those changes, that I understood how power I had to positively influence my own health.

5. What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of going from a fairly sedentary lifestyle to being someone who prioritizes physical activity and doesn’t leave it to “maybe”. I am proud that a hike that 10 years ago made me feel like I was having a heart attack, today I can complete without a second thought. I am proud of feeling like I can show up more fully for my life rather than turning down invitations for events that I think may involve too much physical activity.

6.How has the ZRT hormone lab testing influenced your mindset, if at all?

My hormone lab test has been a good tool for me to understand my body better and to better understand why I felt the way I did for so many years. Having my hormones in balance has been essential for me to have more energy, and having that energy has helped me to achieve my goals.

Alyse now knows she has the power to impact her own health positively, that her mindset matters. What’s more, her new approach to her physical health is having a positive ripple effect on her professional life as well. She has done the heavy lifting, and we’ve been right by her side supporting her. Alyse, we all celebrate your big wins!!