Fresh Reset: Detox That Works

Fresh Reset: Detox That Works

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Fresh Reset: Detox That Works

Detox seems to be quite the buzzword these days. Many view it as a quick fix to clear their body of toxins and perhaps some unhealthy past behaviors. But the reality is that there is a huge variation to products and offerings that are out there that claim to detox your body. From supplements to shakes, bars and programs, how can one really know if there is any validity to the detox they are looking to do?

Finally, a proven, 3-day detox program is here. It’s tried, it’s true, and it contains all real food. Yes, you won’t be just drinking water for three days. Instead, you’ll eat scientifically proven foods in specific quantities that will help your body reset and rid itself of unnecessary toxins and inflammation. And the icing on the cake? It’s backed by a medical doctor. Not some random influencer on social media!

Are you ready to get started?!

What is Fresh Reset? 

If you’re reading this, you’re likely here for one of three reasons: 

  1. Your body needs a reset.
  2. You’re battling inflammation (autoimmune, diabetes, cognitive decline, etc.).
  3. You want to jump start your weight loss.

Maybe it’s all three. 

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. We’re glad you’re here because you’re about to embark on a very meaningful journey. This three day detox can be, well, we think life changing. See what you think!

Why do a detox

Before we get started, let’s talk about the “d” word— detox. Over the last few years, detoxes have been all the rage, especially among celebrities. And this buzzword has been joined by a host of others: cleanses, water-only and juice fasts, even extreme dieting. Most of them have their own protocol or claim-to-fame, and most of them we do not support. Drinking nothing but bone broth for 3 days will likely get some weight off, but how long does it last? And do you think you’re actually feeding your body well in the process?

There are programs such as Shakeology or Isagenix where you will drink shakes for a couple of meals each day. Again, shakes may work for some, but we were never sold on this concept either. As is often the case with weight loss programs, you end up slowing down your metabolism, often gaining even more weight back than when you started. And, rarely are the ingredients organic or cleanly sourced. Plus, many powdered shake mixes contain questionable ingredients, like “whey protein isolate” and “natural flavors,” which may do more harm than good. And how do they make the shakes taste so good? Ummm—sugar, which we know to be highly inflammatory! Plus, let’s not forget the fact that this is just not realistic!

A balanced detox that gets you into ketosis

Enter Fresh Reset, which is not a weight loss program per se. As the name implies, it’s a reset that includes cooked foods that you eat for three days. The macros (macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fats) are calculated so that your body enters ketosis around day 2. (Ketosis occurs when our body expends the liver’s store of glucose, and turns to burning our fat cells (ketones) for energy instead of sugar/glucose). Fresh Reset “tricks” your body into thinking it’s fasting, when it’s actually not. You see, you could actually fast for the entirety… but no food for three days sounds incredibly intimidating to some (including us!) Especially when the alternative is eating fresh cooked foods. Don’t you agree?

You might be wondering, is there something magical about doing a 3-day reset?  Yes, there is. First of all, each of us will enter ketosis at a different time, which is largely dependent on our unique metabolic starting point and overall level of health. Someone who regularly consumes a ketogenic diet (low to no carbs and high protein and fat) may enter ketosis by the end of day one, whereas someone who primarily eats the standard American diet may not enter it until day two or three. Regardless, most people will enter ketosis by day three, so Fresh Reset allows you to experience the effects within 72 hours. And you will! Another benefit of a three-day program is practicality. Longer programs can seem too daunting to even attempt. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons that most diets fail. Eating restrictively for prolonged periods of time just isn’t sustainable. But three days, you can do!  And some of our clients have felt so good by the end of day 3, that they actually stick with the Fresh Reset meal plan for five, even seven days. Regardless—if you do the three days, you are going to feel the results. 

How to get started on your three day detox?

  1. Get Fresh Reset, a 3-day program with recipes, meal plans and the science behind the program. Do this at your own pace, when it makes the most sense in your life.
  2. Sign up for our email list and stay informed on group detoxes. Talk about accountability! These group challenges are free; the more the merrier. So why not join?!
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A detox that works

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