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We are a primary care clinic that combines functional medicine with traditional medicine to help you heal your body from the inside out.

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Our Mission:

To help you live a healthier, more joyful life by focusing on wellness.

(instead of illness)

Throw everything you know about going to the doctor out the window!

No lengthy waits to schedule appointments. 

No pushing of prescriptions and procedures.

Longer appointments that allow you to address multiple concerns in a single visit.

Companion Care

We work to earn your trust by getting to know you and your health priorities over time.

We provide a highly personalized client experience, so you’ll have direct access to us in the office, over the phone, by secure text message, or through video chat.

YES, you can get your energy back.
YES, you can lose weight.
And YES, you can reverse chronic disease.

Isn’t this the way health care should be?

Rather than work for your insurance provider, Companion Health works for you. Our services are not covered by insurance, so our success is tied to your success. Consider the cost of avoiding a preventable disease, the value of early detection, and ready access to a doctor who knows you. When’s the last time you invested in yourself?

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Check with your health benefits plan administrator to see if it’s possible to pay or reimburse expenses with your FSA/HSA funds. We will help provide you with the information you need to submit.

Approximately 71.6% of adults ages 20 and over are overweight or obese.

The Centers for Disease Control

Our current insurance-based model of “sick care” isn’t working. Too many of us are suffering from completely preventable illnesses that shorten life span and reduce quality of life.

With Companion Health, it’s much more than a checkup. During your first appointment with us, you’ll meet with your doctor for at least 60 minutes.

Concierge medicine: putting YOU first.

That’s 4 times the length of a typical doctor visit, and it gets even better from there!

Meet Dr. Jorge

Our providers give out their cell phone numbers, so you can always be in direct communication.

They take a big picture look at all factors that influence your health, starting from birth. And they meet with you frequently, taking the time necessary to cover everything from supplementation to hormone, cardiovascular, and mental health.

Meet Anya Wallace PA-C
Anya Wallace Companion Health
Companion Health Coaches

Our health coaches support you in making sustainable dietary, lifestyle and habit changes to achieve long-term success.

Working in tandem with our providers, it’s a proven model of health success!

Meet Our Coaches


“In one year, my physical fitness, mental/emotional health and social relationships all improved in significant ways. I sincerely appreciate your leadership, work and companionship in this journey. Most certainly could not have achieved what I did without each of you.”

Bill M.

“Working with Nathalie Jorge at Companion Health was a game changer for me. I had been yo-yo dieting for years with no sustainable success. Nathalie helped me look at things more holistically and beyond just food. She helped me figure out how to address my overall lack of energy. By making some reasonable changes to my diet, increasing my physical activity, and focusing more on my family, I’ve gotten to a better place than I’ve been to in years.”


“If you are anywhere like I was, listen up. Feeling old, tired, achy, overweight … the list goes on. I was referred to Dr. Jorge by a friend that had her life changed, too! This practice takes such care in your whole life – health balance. The one-on-one time devoted to one is unparalleled. The diagnostics reveal so much about your overall health I never knew before. They have changed my life! They can change yours too. But you have to be ready to change. I don’t feel like the same person I did 6 months ago!”


“Dr. Jorge is the only doctor I have ever had that actually listened to me and didn’t just look at lab numbers and whip out a script pad.”


“The entire experience has been great. Effective guidance. Positive results. Gave me a great foundation with which to launch from. I’m in better control of my health now than I have been my entire life. Thanks to Companion Health and the great people there.”


“Dr. Carlos Jorge is totally committed to providing the very best patient care, first and foremost. Dr. Jorge listens to your issues and concerns and works with you to resolve them. Dr. Jorge doesn’t brush you off like experiences I’ve had with other doctors.”


“I saw Dr. Jorge for injury recovery and also because I wanted to improve my athletic performance.  I had seen other doctors before Dr. Jorge but was not satisfied with their approach.  Dr. Jorge is very knowledgeable about functional medicine.  With his help, I have been able to recover from surgery and try out for the NBA again.”


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