Casey’s Wellness Journey Part 13: Updates from Casey’s Health Provider & Health Coach

Casey’s Wellness Journey Part 13: Updates from Casey’s Health Provider & Health Coach

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The following is a continuation of Casey’s Journey to Wellness, but this post includes a different spin.

It includes input from both Casey’s provider (Anya Wallace PA-C) as well as her health coach, Stevie Bruce

At Companion Health, our concierge medical services include a team approach to wellness: this includes the provider and the health coach, with the client in the center (all of this which is symbolized in our logo with the three overlapping leaves). If you’ve been keeping up with Casey’s prior posts, this should give good context to what her care team is doing in the background to help guide her  towards best health.


Stevie Bruce, Health Coach

When I agreed to coach Casey I wanted to make sure that I implemented solid boundaries and that our co-worker relationship would be separate from our coaching relationship. Because we work in the same office, I try to be very intentional about when I put my “coaching” hat on and make sure Casey knows that our session time is all about her and her journey. 

Casey has made it very easy for me to coach her. In addition to simply showing up, she has opened up and really searched herself for areas of improvement. Over the past few months, I have really seen significant transformation.

We began with goals such as gluten-free and dairy-free eating, focusing on sleep, and prioritizing things that bring her life joy and reduce stress. In a lot of ways those were the “easy” goals for Casey because her current goal, being at peace with herself, is a harder quest than most of us realize. It has been incredible to watch her learn that she is enough just the way she is. We joke frequently about the fact that “no” is a complete sentence, and that sometimes it is necessary to say no to things when your body needs rest. 

This journey with Casey has been so much more than just a quest for physical health. I have watched her become less stressed and more content with who she is and especially in the role she plays in the lives of others.   


Anya Wallace, PA-C:

When Casey and I met for her initial assessment, we went through her health history and discussed the issues that were at the forefront of her mind in regards to bettering her health. Some areas that she wanted to address were hormone balance, stress management to improve adrenal health, and joint pain that she was experiencing. As we worked our way through sessions (with me and also with Stevie), deeper issues began to arise that needed to be addressed in order for her to achieve her primary goals. This is not uncommon. So often we have our minds set on one or two particular goals until we realize–often with the help of a professional–that there is more to the picture. In Casey’s case, we took this one step at a time (being mindful of not adding to her stress). The good news—she’s been able to tackle these challenges with success, and she’s also been able to make the necessary lifestyle and nutritional changes to better improve her overall health.

While Casey may not be where she wants to ultimately be, she has made great strides in setting the foundation for a better, healthier future. I suspect that in the next 3-6 months, her other health goals will seem less daunting and she will see continued success both mentally and physically. 



Stay tuned for Casey’s next installment where she will share what her updated goals include. 



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